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Kathrin Kunz “Interval”
23.9. – 1.11.2014

The artist Kathrin Kunz composes image-spaces that seem to capture one’s gaze, to lead it into the distance. The two-dimensionality of the paper and the motif are nearly abolished. However, these specific perceptual process are not set in motion by means of a photorealistic style or through sophisticated perspectival constructions; instead, it is organic forms or rudimentary architectonic structures – conjured up through the subtlest variations in the tones of grey applied with graphite – that cause our eyes to drift into space.

For some time, Kathrin Kunz has been carrying out her body of work exclusively on paper with the medium of graphite, more specifically, graphite powder. Having begun with photographic techniques, she has since focussed her attention on forms of expression based on drawing and painting. The grey powder is carefully applied using a piece of cotton wool, and it generates the pictorial content purely through its rich variety of intermediate values. At the same time, the artist has remained true to her own themes and questions, which simultaneously apply to the fundamentals of creating and perceiving art. In different groups of works – and typically over the course of several years – she elaborates upon her different concepts. Kathrin Kunz’s interest has been turned to the image as space, to its surface and temporality, to its light and its being perceived. Everyday visual experiences, but also existing photographic material serve her as motivic points of departure for using the image to – in a sense – simultaneously ask questions about general perceptual processes. Here, her considerations often circle around the behaviour of the visual and the conceptual space relative to one another, the degree to which the gaze oscillates between the momentary and the lasting or, alternatively, between permanence and change, clarity and obfuscation. She quickly turned to techniques that enabled her to work with the grey tones of the “shadow”, in all of its expressive forms. The shadow or, alternatively, the reduction to surfaces, can be characterised as a metaphor for presence and absence, but also for evidence and projection – an interstice that is difficult to grasp.

Kathrin Kunz’s exhibition at the Galerie Gisèle Linder takes up this thread, and its title, “Interval”, already points to the importance of what is “there between” in her oeuvre. In motivic terms, the spatial structures of the works can thus be interpreted as a kind of transition. However, without defining this more precisely – the works are identified as “Untitled” – the artist transfers her mental exploration of the concept of “interval” to the sheet of paper. For her, it is a moment of contemplation between remembering, present and future – a space and a time that forms a transition. Viewers, on the other hand, can take their time and allow their gaze to come to rest within these imaginary image-spaces.

Frederike Harrant, August 2014

Translation : Micheal Wetzel