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25 March – 13 May 2017

Good morning Mr Bloom! At the Galerie Gisèle Linder the Bern artist Peter Wüthrich is inviting visitors on a journey into the world of James Joyce’s Ulysses, the greatest epic of the 20th century. In this exhibition Peter Wüthrich presents his own entirely personal interpretation of the unusual novel.

The artworks created in connection with this key work of modernism permit viewers to sense how great a fascination and attraction Ulysses has exerted on the artist. He has veritably immersed himself within the imaginary Dublin of Mr Bloom and his companions, and he has gathered inspiration for his works from very different levels. These include James Joyce’s unique articulations of language, which are able to evoke real yearnings in their readers, or the manner in which the author manages to fix human chains of thought on the page in all of their complexity and fragmentariness. For Peter WüthrichUlysses represents an inexhaustible collection of expressions and turns of phrase which elude rational explanation and are able to give expression to an enormous spectrum of feelings about life. He has thus accompanied diverse found objects with excerpts from the book which possess the same worldly beauty. However, the scenes from that famous day of 16 June 1904 are so expressively and picturesquely depicted by James Joyce that Peter Wüthrich has also been enticed into bringing these places to life and making them become reality. For him, the word merges into painting and painting into the word. It binds itself with painting and becomes form.

Marina Huonder, March 2017
Translation : Michael Wetzel