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Renate Buser „Goshen | New York“

25 March – 16 May 2015

The two lengths of concrete are intertwined like a skilful knot. The Turcot Junction is one of Montreal’s largest motorway interchanges. In her photographs Renate Buser presents the radical beauty, but also the fragility, of this network of roads in a state of disrepair. The Basle-based artist’s photos reveal architectonic structures that are often lost in the urban bustle of the real world. For her exhibition “Goshen | New York”, she has shot digital images of Classical Modernist and Brutalist architecture in the US and Canada. She is interested both in famous buildings, such as Mies van der Rohe’s Westmount Square in Montreal, and in unknown buildings. Her attention focusses on the bold power of the lines and she underscores this aspect by, for example, providing the photographs mounted on aluminium with a texture in relief. In several works she mixes black-and-white with colour photography: the formative elements made of steel and concrete appear in sober tones of grey while the transparent glass surfaces are reproduced in colour. A hybrid of clear lines and reflective surfaces emerges in this way. This effect is particularly captivating in the images of the “Goshen” series, which depict the Orange County Government Center, built by Paul Rudolph in 1967 for the town of Goshen, New York. The reflections in the large windows abolish the boundary between interior and exterior and invest the concrete building – featuring its compartmentalised structure – with a graceful lightness.

Alice Henkes, March 2015
Translation: Michael Wetzel